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Rich dad's Cashflow® quadrant. pdf

Na voljo je posodobljena verzija Kiyosakijeve knjige Kvadrant denarnega toka v pdf obliki.

E knjiga je v angleškem jeziku.

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Editor’s Note


The Times They Are A-Changin’


There have been many changes in our economy and the investinglandscape since Rich Dad Poor Dad was first published in 1997. Fourteenyears ago, Robert Kiyosaki challenged conventional wisdom with hisbold statement that “your house is not an asset.” His contrarian views onmoney and investing were met with skepticism, criticism, and outrage.


In 2002, Robert’s book, Rich Dad’s Prophecy, advised that we prepare foran upcoming financial market crash. In 2006, Robert joined forces withDonald Trump to write Why We Want You To Be Rich, a book inspired bytheir concern for the shrinking middle class in America.


Robert continues to be a passionate advocate for the importance andpower of financial education. Today, in the wake of the subprime fiasco,record home foreclosures, and a global economic meltdown that isstill raging, his words seem not only prophetic, but enlightened. Manyskeptics have become believers.


In preparing the 2011 edition of Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant,Robert realized two things: that his message and teachings have withstoodthe test of time, and that the investment landscape, the world in whichinvestors operate, has changed dramatically. These changes have affected,and will continue to affect, those in the I (Investor) quadrant and havefueled Robert’s decision to update an important section in this book—Chapter Five: The Five Levels of Investors.

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